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“We are now better off from the waterborne diseases, thankful to the clean water we were provided with by ARDE through our Nancy. We used to fetch water far from our homes and it was unsafe water. We had no choice. Our children were the most [victims].”

—Jeanne, community resident and kiosk manager

‘‘For me to get water and be able to do other family work, I always wake up at 3am. I walk about 30 minutes to reach the possible nearby water source, and sometimes I found a long queue there. So, imagine as a mother, waking up [at] such time…[I]n the last couple of years, we could not rear cows or...poultry or even do any other economic project that may require us to use a lot of water because that would involve money which we can’t find. But we now believe that with water taps around us, such projects will be possible.”

—Marie, community resident [Arde/Kubaho testimonial]

“With my children, we used to go to the water sources to fetch water for cooking. We could spend three hours each round. This was [a] heavy burden to us. But when water was supplied, this released the workload and now each member of the family, including my husband, easily does the work.” 

—Jeanne, community resident

“I could come from weeding crops...From 11:00 am to 13:00 pm, waiting for water …[with]... such [a] heavy water container on [my] head with a baby on the back and cooking when [I] arrived at home was very tiresome. But nearby water access has solved all these issues since I can also do some domestic [work] in complementarity with the rest of [my] family members.”

—James, community resident and youth leader

“I want to stay managing [the] kiosk [as] much time as possible because I don’t have any other sufficient income activity.”

—Chantal, community resident and kiosk manager

“Thanks to the initial remuneration, I managed to pay Community Health Insurance, commonly known as Mutuelle de Sante, for all my four family members,... and then I kept working and managed to buy myself a sheep.”

—Jeanne, community resident

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